Clem's Unique Interlocking Hair Weaving System™

What is Clem's Unique Interlocking Hair Weaving System™?

The Unique Interlocking Hair Weaving System™ was created by world renowned master hair weaver Clem LueYat. His weaving system is done without any foundation whatsoever. This means no poles, no cornrow tracks, no machines, no pre-tracking, no laser, and ABSOLUTELY no bonding (glue).



What is the Wrap Net Weaving System™?

This system complements the interlocking hair weaving system and is combined to give you the VERY BEST weave on the market. First, we interlock your hair, then we use a condition scalp hairdressing, which prevents the hair from getting dry under the netting. After we stitch the net onto the interlocking system and the weft-hair is sewed onto the netting. We’ll cut and style your hair using our professional expertise, giving you a layered feathered look with absolutely no chops. We also do partial weaves that provide increased fullness and length to your desire.



What are the benefits of using these two system?

The Unique Interlocking Hair Weaving System™ and the New Wrap Net Weaving System™ are demanded by more clients and here’s why. It’s done in less than half the time as any other weave; there is no pain, with minimum tension; and no discomfort to the scalp. Your hair will look and feel so real that only you and your stylist will know it’s a weave. There are NO LUMPS & NO BUMPS. YOU CAN STROKE IT AND NO ONE WILL KNOW IT..... IF YOU CAN'T GROW IT, WE WILL SEW IT... AND NO ONE WILL KNOW IT.




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