Extreme Hair Loss Custom Made Replacement Unit

What is the Custom Made Hair Unit?

It is for a client who can’t take a sew-on weave and wants more fullness. The UNIT is clipped on with a special wave comb that is secured to the unit, and to your own hair so that the wind will not blow the unit off, it is best to have your head measured carefully to make a template/mold. Using clear film or a clear plastic bag, fitting it over the client’s head, apply strips of wide clear tape horizontally and vertically over the clear plastic to get the shape of the client's head.
The end result will be a mold of the client’s head. All pertinent info of the client are to be noted and stuck to the mold, which is then sent away to a hair factory, taking 6-8 weeks to manufacture.



How long will it last?

With proper caring, a hair unit can last from the date you wear it to 2-3 years... After getting your first unit, we recommend that you order another as a back up.



Hand-Tied Chemo Wig

This UNIT has a polyurethane (PU) skin type that looks like a scalp in front. Why the PU? Double-sided tape or any glue can be used to secure it to your scalp.



Man’s Toupée

For years this was a man’s secret; now it is so popular. It also comes in a Lace Front or a PU front. It all depends on your needs.
If you’re going to comb or brush your hair off your forehead to have a natural looking hair line, the laced front will be more suitable. If you would like to have a straight, curly, or Afro toupée wearing your hair toward your forehead, you can use a PU front, taping or gluing it to your scalp. You also have the choice of having it sewn onto areas of your scalp where there’s hair.



Skin Part

This became popular in the early 90's. It makes a full weave look more natural when you want to do the closing of a weave. It is best done on the netting system, as it makes a weave look natural with a straight, point or zizzy parting. It looks like your own scalp as it is all hand-tied to look natural.



Why a Customized Hair Unit?

A Hair Unit, be it a full unit or partial, is designed to look as natural as possible. The only way that can be achieved is to have a customized unit made to fit you and only you. A mold is made of your head; on that mold, a marker is used to indicate how your hairline flows and what is unique only to you (For example, if and how you part your hair so that a skin part insert may be positioned to suit you). The mold is then forwarded to the manufacturer with instructions as to type, color and length required to suit you, the client. A sample of your hair may be sent also. The finished unit will then fit only you and no one else!



Here is what one of our Satisfied Clients had to say about our Custom Made Hair Replacement Unit

The units are GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! I am a new woman! Since receiving them (thanks to you) so many people that I meet tell me that my hair is so healthy and always looks great...


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