Hands On Training Classes

Now is your time to learn!

You can learn two revolutionary hair weaving systems, then watch your profits increase dramatically. World renowned master hair weaver Clem LueYat will teach you the dynamics of his hair weaving systems in his 3-day hands-on workshop.


Both the Unique Interlocking Hair Weaving System™ & The New Wrap Netting System™, were created by master Clem LueYat. They can be done on all types of hair, in different styles and textures. You can create a weave for the straight, permed, relaxed, super curly, jherri curled and afro hair textures.


Introducing... The Natural Skin Part created by Clem LueYat - another addition to help make the weave look more natural (The skin part can be reused).


The master is introducing “The Master Micro Looped Cylinder Hair Extension System” a form of strand-by-strand extension that will not harm any texture hair. No heat, no chemicals, it can be used for any type of hair.



What are the benefits of these 3-day classes?

Within three days you will see two live models demonstrate the Interlocking Weaving System™ without a base or foundation. In addition, you will see demonstrations of the Wrap Net Weave System™ on someone with extreme hair loss, where netting and double sided tape are used. You will be advised on how long a customer should keep a weave on and how to maintain and tighten a weave. Also, you will learn the best way to shampoo someone’s weave and the right way to cut a weave without any chops and heavy looks.


If you are presently using any hair weaving systems on the market, or have taken one of my basic Interlocking Hair Weaving 3-day classes, I strongly recommend that you register for my 3-day advanced workshop.

Upon completion of the three-day course, a certificate will be presented to each student. Videos and material for weaving are available for purchase. I hope what I have presented to you has been helpful, and look forward to you taking part in my class and joining the many other successful hairdressers who have benefited from them.



What should you bring to classes?

1. 2 mannequins & stand, one with hair and one without hair at the top.
2. 2 packets of short wefted human hair.
3. 2 C-Needles (1 blunt and 1 sharp pointed).
4. Scissors, comb, clips, brush, water bottle and all working tools.