Master Micro Looped Cylinder Hair Extension System

The Master Micro Looped Cylinder Hair Extension System is one of the most innovative techniques of hair extension of the 21st century. Why?


1. Safe and Gentle - No chemicals, heat or messy glue
2. Convenient - Easy as 1-2-3 to apply and remove
3. Versatile - can be used on all hair types
4. Economical - can be reused


Anyone who has used heat extensions knows of the damage caused by harsh chemicals. With our Master Micro Looped Cylinders, the extensions are simply applied to the natural hair using the plastic-coated aluminum cylinders, and secured with pliers. You can apply straight, wavy or curly hair to add fullness and/or length – as well as streaks of different colors – with ease using the Master Micro Looped Cylinder system.


For years many women have tried all sorts of heating extension systems – most of which were difficult and very messy to remove – and, sooner or later, gave up on the process. The Master Micro Looped Cylinder system is so easy to apply – even if you make a mistake, you can undo it in an instant.


The Master Micro Looped Cylinder Hair Extension System can help you increase profits and customer satisfaction! In my 40+ years of experience as a hair care professional, this is by far the easiest hair extension system I have ever encountered.






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