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Hair Extensions Products

E-Z Adhesive Stick for Fusion Hair

E-Z On / Off hair extensions adhesive sticks, they come in Black, Brown & Blonde.


$35.00 for 10 sticks


Micro Cylinder Kit

This Kit with 300 cylinders and 2 hook needles and 1 loop needle and the pliers is very safe to a clients hair, it’s easy to apply and to remove, first to can prepare you own hair extensions by viewing the Video Tape that comes with the kit or you can buy the extension hair already prepared by some hair companies.




Keratin Extensions The New Keratin Hair Extension


Unlike other hair extension that requires chemicals to remove them, removing Keratin hair extensions is as easy as 1-2-3 without any damage to the client's hair. Using 100% human hair from any hair company just cut a section of hair and dip into the Keratin hot pot and roll onto your client's hair, easy as 1-2-3. The Keratin is the safest natural hair bonding agent available, and as hair is made from Keratin, it fuses easily to natural hair in seconds.


The Keratin supplied is of the highest quality and comes in a neutral color, which blends with any color hair. It’s safe to use and if you mistake just wait a few minutes and just use a pliers to crack the bonds. After removing the extension bonds an oil conditioning should be applied and brush or comb through the hair before shampooing and conditioning. Each kit contains all the products required to complete hair extensions, along with instructions (DVD) which should be followed carefully.




Loop Brush for Hair Extension - Large

Designed specifically for use with hair extensions. Using a regular brush may result in damaged bonds as the bristles tend to hook above the hair extensions.


From $10.00 Small / $20.00 Large


Purging Tool

This Purging Tool is essential during application of hair extensions. During the process of making your own hair extensions for the MICRO Cylinders and you‘ve made a mistake, all you have to do is to re-melt the bond and re-roll it, using the Purging tool to re-melt the bond, and roll it over. Even if you’re doing the Fusion or the Keratin Bonds and feel that you have made the bond too big, you can use the Purging Tool, melt the bonds and re-roll. You will enjoy using this tool and realize its value during preparation of hair extensions.





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