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Hair Stylists Products

Comb Brush

Ideal for brushing long hair after shampooing, removes tangles easily. I highly recommend this brush, which I've been using, as it makes my work much easier, combing out tangles in natural human or weaved hair.


from $10.00


Wrap Net made by Ridoc

This wrap net is very durable. It can be used after a wet wrap or at night, after you use the #1 wrap net over the hair.


from $8.00



Blow Dry Nozzle

This Nozzle is the #1 in the world, it is designed to hold in place and not fall out when blowing a client’s hair. It fits most standard Blow dryers, comes with an adapter.  The teeth will not break when blowing the client’s hair and is used by many top stylists in the hair care business.


from $10.00


The Cutting Slider

This razor is very durable, it’s a Life time product and hairdressers enjoy using it. Having used this razor for many years, I endorse this product fully.  Blades for this razor may be picked up any where, at a 5& 10 store or food store.


from $40.00 plus bonus DVD


Hair Loss & Netting Video

This Video tape will show you step by step correct way to apply and sew the netting to weave a client with thinning hair loss problem on a LIVE model, you will see me creating my Interlocking System first and show the applying the netting, razor cutting, styling, with no bumps & lumps or choppy look!




Ceramic Flat Iron

This Flat Iron heats fast and it’s the best professional flat iron on the market, the cord does not tangle while using as most flat iron, you can also use the flat iron to curl you hair, May be use to flat iron your hair from very curly to straight comes in 3 Sizes, small, medium & large.




Thinning Shears

This single edge thinning shears is made of German Steel. It’s excellent for cutting a head of natural or weaved hair when the hair is dry; leaving no choppy looks and blends a natural hair or a weave to look very natural!




Secret Miracle Eye Lash Extensions Large Kit

This large kit comes with containers of eye lashes and all the basics to complete two hundreds of eyelash extensions.





Secret Miracle Eye Lash Extensions Small Kit

Includes enough products for up to 30 clients.


Small Kit: $180.00





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