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Other Products

Nipping Scissors and Chain

This is very convenient to use during the weaving process. Rather than slowing down the weaving process when your scissors fall or get misplaced, you would simply attach the scissors and chain unit around your neck, enabling you to work faster when you have to cut the thread and without having to look for your pair of scissors.





For Latex Ter-Polymer adhesives will not harm either the hairpiece or affect the hair color. Does not contain aloe or lanolin.





DERMAL LOC Bonding for Hair Loss

This specifically formulated for Polyurethane BOND is for men and women hair UNITS or with hair Loss problems it could last 4 to 5weeks. Non –Toxic, water base adhesive. You must clean the scalp first and take off all the oils before applying the Dermal loc bonds, let it dry for 3mins. You can use a cool hand dryer.



Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner

An innovation in the science of hair nourishment. Vanilla Been Deep Conditioner is formulated for all hair types and packed with aroma therapy spheres of bionutrient vanilla beans that provide renewed shine and optimum nourishment, resulting in better hair quality.


Directions for use: Shampoo hair. Apply a small amount in small sections over entire head. Cover hair with plastic cap for 10-20 minutes. Can be placed under dryer for maximum benefit. Rinse thoroughly. Proceed with styling.




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