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Skin Part, Hair Replacement & Unit Products

Cotton/Nylon Hair Weaving Thread

This thread is the best quality thread for weaving, Unlike other cotton threads which knots while weaving, which many stylist have to be double and creating a knots which delay the speed of the weaving process, The Cotton/Nylon thread has a firm touch, easy to thread and when re-moving a weave, there are no problems, easy as 1, 2, 3. Comes in 3 colors



Netting for weaving

Netting is used when you want to rest a client's own hair from daily grooming and would like the weave to look FLAT with no Bumps and Lumps. It is also used when you are doing a weave for a client with thinning hair or a hair loss hair problem. It will avoid adding tightness to the scalp and will enable you to work faster.


$60.00 for 3 yards


Hook Strap

Designed specifically for use with hair extensions. Using a regular brush may result in damaged bonds as the bristles tend to hook above the hair extensions.


From $8.00


Chin Hook Strap

It is used when a client's hair line is thin and she does her own hair styling. Hook the Chin Strap to the side of each ear, adjusting the bead to fit under the chin.


from $8.00


Double Sided Tape

This Tape is used on a client with a hair loss problem. The area must be totally free of grease or moisture in order for the double sided tape to adhere to the area you are working on. If there is any oil, even from your finger tips, the double sided tape will not stick to the scalp and black mesh.  When in doubt, use rubbing alcohol and if it is still greasy, use baby powder to absorb the grease.


from $10.00 per pk.

Black Mesh

This is used on a client who is BALD, or one with some hair loss. Sewing the black mesh on a sewing machine is suggested as it gives a better finish, than using a needle and thread. After fitting the net to the size of the Client's head, cut one length of the black mesh and one length of the double sided tape to match the measurement of the client's head. Stitch the black mesh to the netting, preferably using a sewing machine. Stick the double sided tape to the black mesh, peel off one side of the tape, and stick the tape to the client's scalp. Caution: Do not allow fingers to touch the double sided tape; this will prevent the tape from sticking to the scalp.


from $10.00

Full Chemo Lace Front Unit

Chemo unit is very convenient for the woman (cancer patients) who doesn’t want to wear a weave. She can remove it whenever for sleeping or otherwise and it can be easily taped down on hairline. It looks natural as if the hair is growing from the scalp.


from $350.00 & up


Lace Front Unit

This Unit is design to add in front of a Net weave, it makes the weave look more natural that the client could wear her hair off her face; the client could part it anywhere in the front.




Unit Attachment


Is your hair thinning at the top? Would you like to cover your bald spot? I can create a natural looking hair unit to enhance your appearance. Your first appointment will be a consultation when I explain more about the hair UNIT. Your head is measured and make a template like a mold and the texture of your hair is matched. In a few weeks you will have a custom made hair unit, which comes with a comb to attach the unit to your hair, Natural looking and removable; you can part the Unit, side center or point part. For more details, please phone Master Hair Weavers.


from $350.00 & up


Skin Part for the Net Weave


The skin part was designed in order to create a side, center or point part which makes a full weave look more natural. Ideally it would be better to use it with the Netting I sell. First, you must make your track and sew the netting to the track. When you reach at the top of the head, you will decide where you are going to place the skin part. You will need to clip it on one side to keep it in place while you sew the skin part with the wefted hair.


$90.00 + up


Comb Clips

Comb Clips for Toupee, Hair pieces, wefted hair. This clip combs are use on Toupee, Hair UNITS, wefted hair to attach to short or fine hair to add length and fullness or high-lights, you must use a needle and thread to secure it, they comes in most colors.


$1.00 for small /$1.25 for large




This clip combs are use on Toupee, Hair UNITS, wefted hair to attach to short or fine hair to add length and fullness or high-lights, you must use a needle and thread to secure it, they comes in most colors.


$1.50 per dozen


Wig Strap

To be used when styling a wig. Hook it by the sides of each ear making it easy to comb and style.


from $10.00



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