Hi Clem,

The units are GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! I am a new woman! Since receiving them (thanks to you) so many people that I meet tell me that my hair is so healthy and always looks great they have no idea that I am wearing a unit, some people even ask me to recommend them to my hair stylist so can you imagine how that has boosted my confidence, since receiving these units.


I can not imagine how easy to clip it on and take it off with out damaging the little hair I have left. I can not thank you enough. Anyway you take care of yourself and God bless to you and for the good work you do.


Miriam from London UK





Thank you so much for introducing the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment. For many years I have tried different relaxers but was not happy with the results. I have really curly hair and as the relaxers started growing out, my roots would be curly and my ends straight.


The chemicals damaged my hair and I had to get a boy cut. For 6 years I wore weaves and I was so ashamed to show my natural hair because of the length and the coarse texture from the damage done by the relaxers. That was before now. Let me describe my hair since I met Clem, in one word. Fabulous!

My hair has grown a lot and the texture is more manageable even though it was done 4 months ago. I hardly have any split ends and unlike a relaxer, I can wear my hair curly without having to worry about the ends being straight.


Even when I have over 1 inch of new growth and I blow dry and flat iron my hair, my hair don’t get frizzy! It lasts for 2 weeks perfectly. Thank you so much. Because of you Clem and the wonderful Keratin Complex Treatment, my hair is worry free.


Shivonne Pena. NJ.



Good day Hair Extraordinaire Clem,

I simply love Keratin Complex Hair smoother. My daughter’s hair although it is beautiful and extremely curly it is very difficult to manage.


My daughter is a mixture of African, Indian, Chinese and Arab. Her daily routine was to wet her hair and then proceed to drench it with gel. She is an athlete, a fencer. Thus she wears a tremendous amount of gear. Of course she sweats and by sweat I mean that she is drench down to her underwear.


You can imagine what this does to her extremely fine but curly hair. It becomes a tangle mess and of course there is breakage. Her hair is very uneven.


Clem LueYat introduced the Keratin Hair Complex system to us. My daughter loves it. She no longer needs to drench her hair each morning or add the pound of gel. Her hair even stays straight after fencing and all that sweating.


It has cut down her morning get ready time by more than 45 minutes. Also, by the way her curly hair that was on her shoulders is now straight hair at breast level and it is growing back and becoming more even after a light cutting.


Thank you,
Peaches Coryat
Very Satisfied Customer




I am writing you to not only thank you for being a very special and well respected friend. Thank you for caring enough to help others achieve and realize their dreams. Without you my business would not be where it is today. I’ve tripled my income since your class in 2002.


Before I ever met you, I had read about you in a magazine, or bulletin about your work and how creative you are with helping women of all nationality achieve a natural look from experiencing hair loss. I thought how incredible. I knew I wanted to meet you personnally and the day came when I did, you were so humble and gracious and kind.


I asked you to dinner with Dianna and Gary (2) of your style team members. We’ve been good respectable friends since that day. Thank you for the opportunity that you’ve given me to be a better person and to grow my business to greater heights. Thank you for a wonderful time in your fair city of New York, you are a God send to me and I love you for it. May you days be long upon the earth with great health and wealth untold. Love your friend, colleague and student for life.


Kathy Shepherd,
Dallas Texas



"My natural hair was very thick and uncontrollable, so eventually I started relaxing it. I liked my relaxed hair, however my hair would only look good once it was styled- either blow dried or set. My hair is quite long and it would take nearly 3 hours to do, and I still needed help whether from my mom or a hairdresser. Additionally, my relaxed hair would frizz and look crazy in the humidity and on beach vacations. I looked for every type of hair solution possible- I read up on Japaneses and Matrix, but aside from the fact it would make my hair dead straight, which I didn't want because I liked my curls, it wasn't suited for my hair type.

Then a friend told me about the Keratin Hair Smoothing Complex from Coppola, she had done it and said she was never going back to relaxer. I did endless research about the product, it seemed like a dream come true. It makes your hair healthier because it fills in your broken hair strands with keratin (a natural hair protein), reduces frizz, can be done over processed hair and is semi permanent, which means you never see regrowth lines. I went to see Clem and had the process done- it was very pleasant, no abrasive smells or burning (which you find with relaxer) and my hair was flat ironed straight.

Everyone in work told me my hair looked so great, I had to leave my hair to hang (no pulling back into a pony tail etc) and my hair didn't even frizz, when I went back to wash out the conditioner in three days, my hair took half the time to dry and it got straighter, but still had a bit of my curl. My hair feels really soft and is so shiny...I definitely going back to do it again. Thank you so much Clem- you're amazing!!!!"